Transparent soundproof traffic barriers can be placed at any location in traffic and to provide adequate protection from wind, noise and snow, which is especially important where the road or railway is located close to the populated areas. This transparent barrier increases traffic safety but preserves the aesthetics of quality living and functioning. They can be made from Polycarbonate or Acrylics, depending on the traffic safety standards in the country. Our transparent soundproof traffic barriers are characterized by the ability to be Z-shaped, which is extremely convenient in repelling the sound and conducting it out of the road.

Sound barrier aluminium panels
Designed to eliminate road and railway traffic noise. These impenetrable sound barriers drastically reduce noise due to the structure of their metal panels, which are perforated at the front and contain impermeable sound material inside the panel. The shell of the metal panel gives the structure impenetrable sound properties, while the highly dense impermeable sound material inside absorbs the noise.
European standards EN 1793-1 and EN 1794.