Lexan* is a real pioneer and the world's best brand for polycarbonate sheets for 60 years.
Lexan* is a brand of Sabic Innovative Plastics (formerly General Electric Plastics ).
Liting is a promoter in Macedonia for Lexan* Polycarbonate sheets since 1995.

Types of Lexan* Polycarbonate sheets:

Lexan* Thermoclear multilayer polycarbonate sheets
The most widely used multipurpose Lexan * Thermoclear* multilayer polycarbonate panels for interior and exterior architectural applications.

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Yellowing of the plates
Lexan* multilayer boards
Energy productive products
Lexan*Thermoclear* 20 year warranty

Lexan* Thermoclear Plus Polycarbonate sheets
Double-sided UV protection, very light weight, extremely high impact resistance, energy saving, excellent thermal insulation, excellent light dispersion, yellowing resistance, self-extinguishing and very difficult to ignite, excellent thermoforming properties.
From conservatories, commercial greenhouses, swimming pools and home applications, to industrial buildings, offices, shopping malls and football stadiums, this range of products helps ensure top quality and easy glazing and coverage.
*10-year standard factory warranty against braking, excessive yellowing and loss of light transmission.

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Lexan* Thermoclear Plus 2UV plates
Warranty Termoclear Plus 2UV

Lexan* Thermoclear Venetian Polycarbonate sheets
UV-protected on the outside and mechanically printed with white stripes on the inside. This reduces the heat under the material, i.e. inside the building, but still provides very good light transmition. About 50% of the total Infra-Red sun rays are reflected, which contributes to lower solar transmission through the sheet.
The sheets are adequate for covering buildings in places where there is a need to reduce the effect of solar heat, especially in countries with constant solar radiation.
*10-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* Thermoclear Venetian plates

Lexan* Thermoclear SunXP Polycarbonate sheets
This unique material is UV-protected on both sides, but even with higher resistance to UV radiation, yellowing and loss of light transmission.
*15-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* Thermoclear SunXP plates

Lexan* Thermoclear Easy Clean Polycarbonate sheets
A unique layer on the outer surface that causes larger water droplets to form and wash away most of the dirt, which reduces conventional cleaning and the costs derivated from it.
*10-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* Thermoclear Easy Clean plates

Lexan* Thermoclear Dripgard Polycarbonate sheets
Uniquely designed inner surface layer that reduces condensation. This product is great for roofing in places where water droplets are unacceptable, such as greenhouses and fruit manufacturing, where the crops may be spoiled of lower sunlight transmission.
*10-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* Thermoclear Dripgard plates

Lexan* Thermoclear Solar Control IR Polycarbonate sheets
They block the heat from infrared sun rays but transmitting a high degree of sunlight. The properties of solar control IR are permanent and the sheets on both sides are protected from ultraviolet sun rays, with a solar reflective layer from the inner surface.
*10-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* Thermoclear Solar Control IR plates
Warranty Thermoclear Solar Control IR

Lexan* Solid Polycarbonate Sheets
Lexan* Solid Polycarbonate sheets help customers around the world produce lightweight, durable parts with excellent performance in a variety of industries.

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Lexan*full plates

Lexan* 9030
Excellent transparency, excellent aesthetic properties, very light weight, high impact resistance, easy to design and model, high fire resistance.
The sheets are without UV protection. Easy to cut and drill using ordinary tools, without the risk of cracking or breaking, making these boards a great product for making any kind of interior applications such as machine shields, shop windows, cabinets etc.
*5-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* 9030 plates

Lexan* Exell D
Unbreakable, lightweight, thermoforming, transparent, protected from UV radiation. Excellent transparency and resistance to aging, even after many years of sun exposure and extreme weather conditions.
Suitable in various construction and architectural solutions. Due to the excellent cold-forming properties, they are also used in applications such as domes, light tunnels, arches...
*10-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* Exell D plates

Lexan* Margard
High degree of resistance to erosion and weather conditions, with a strong surface layer that protects the surface from scratches, chemicals and damage. The sheets are self-extinguishing and very difficult to ignite, very lightweight and protected from UV degrading sun rays.
Excellent product for glazing and securing places that are at risk of vandalism but where transparency and daylight are necessity. Reduces the risk of expensive re-glazing and allows continuous cleaning and removal of graffiti without any damage. Adequate material for road transparent sound barriers and safety barriers in sports stadiums and arenas.
*10-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* Margard plates
Lexan* Margard MR5E

Multilayer Polycarbonate Systems for flexible glazing solutions in industrial roofing and industrial facades.

Lexan* Thermoclick* Polycarbonate sheets
Creative finishing solutions for industrial facades. They are characterized by outstanding optical and mechanical properties and are designed to provide added value to the work through potentially low system costs and durable high quality.
The sheets are 40 mm thick with X structure, UV protection, they are lightweight, with profiled tooth and interconnection. This connecting system eliminates the need for vertical profiles and has a very easy, simple and fast installation, thus providing potentially saving costs and great aesthetics.
*10-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* Thermoclick*
Lexan* Thermoclick* technical characteristics

Lexan* Thermopanel* Polycarbonate sheets
Used in profiled metal roofing. The sheets are 30 mm thick, UV protected and have integrated side wings for selfconnection. They are very lightweight, with excellent thermal insulation properties, high strength and high light transmission. Very easy, simple and fast installation.
*10-year standard factory warranty.

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Lexan* Thermopanel* technical characteristics